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Dale Smedley - Founder

As the founder of Golf Gods, I should probably tell you how it all started. After picking up golf at the age of 31, I quickly became obsessed with the sport that allow me to escape from the wife and kids for 5-7 hours on the weekend. As the owner of a construction business I regular found myself taking out my employees for a cheeky round mid-week when work was slow. After one of these mid week rounds where we probably drunk more beers than anything else and shooting an embarrassing 30 over we found ourselves discussing how the round got so bad. As the discussion grew and a few more beers were drank, we started talking about some golf trick shots I had seen on the internet. (It was actually a video of trickshot pioneer Romain Bechu and the Bryan Bros). I said to my mates, these guys are insane! The videos went viral on numerous sports channels and news outlets with millions of views all around the world. From this conversation on, the name Golf Gods was born!! It was just the best way to describe these crazy golf skills these boys had at a sport that I was so bad at. I left the conversation there and that night without telling a sole (not even my partner) I created the Instagram page that it is today. 
I posted pictures and videos up to 6 times a day and concentrated on finding the best golf related content, that I knew would go viral. The trick shots and the golf fails made an impression with the golfers just like myself and the followers just started coming. 
Within a couple months, I knew I had to make something more of this but couldn’t do it all on my own. So I introduced one of my best mates into the my little secret. We immediately moved into creating some hat designs and getting samples made in china. We bought 10 hats and starting selling them on our Instagram page. They sold out straight away so we need immediately order another 100. Now 5 years on we sell 10,000’s of hats each month and have a following of close 1,000,000 across multiple social platforms. In 2017 we both gave up our day jobs solely to concentrate on this business, which has given us great opportunity to travel and meet some of the worlds most influential people in golf.

Shaun Trevillian - Founder

I was introduced to Golf Gods in a way that resonates well with the brand we have created today. Late into the night at a party, after too many beers, Dale pulled me aside and tried to describe this great idea he had with a golf page he’d started on Instagram. At the time I’d just returned home to Adelaide after living in London for 12 months, with no money and no idea what I wanted to do next. I hadn’t touched a golf club in 6-7 years, and hardly used Instagram, let alone understand how it worked. With that in mind I told Dale I was 100% committed, but he needed to explain this thing to me over lunch while we were both sober. The next day we caught up, I was in, and my journey in the golf industry was underway.
At my age the sports I’ve traditionally played I can no longer, and golf is the perfect thing to get me out of the house. Spreading the love for golf with players of all abilities, and focusing on enjoying the game, as opposed to caring how low someones handicap is, has always been the aim of our brand, and personally, being able to spend time with mates while trying to belt the cover off the ball, and having a few beers, is the perfect way to catch up.
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